1. Tell me about yourself.
    Tip: This should go for about 2 minutes. Discuss your work-related skills/experiences and your educational history. You may discuss how these may be an asset to the company. Show that you are happy to be around people. It is important to put a smile on your face throughout the interview to show you are a positive and friendly person.
  2. What do you know about our company?
    Tip: Do some research on the company you are interviewing for; Company history, organization structure, products/services, competitive advantages, etc.
  3. Why do you want to work for us?
    Tip: Discuss aspects of the company that interests you. Do some research on the company.
  4. What experience or qualities do you have for this Cashier Position? How can they be applicable to this position?
    Tip: Discuss experiences and skills from previous jobs that will be important for this position e.g. communication & listening skills, friendly and positive personality, problem solving skills, skills related to excellent customer service, basic math skills, team player, etc.
  5. Do you like to work with people?
    Tip: Answer has to be a resounding “Yes” if you want the job. Talk about how well you like to communicate and help people to assist in their needs/demands. Interviewer or recruiter expects that you like to work with people.
  6. Describe what you did at your last job. Describe a typical day at your last job.
  7. Why do you want to leave your last/current job?
    Tip: You may express your desire for career advancement e.g. wanting to work for a much larger company, wanting to take on more responsibilities, wanting to learn, etc. You never want to speak of negative experiences, conflicts, working conditions, or anything else about previous employers or co-workers.
  8. Tell me about a time you dealt with a difficult customer. How did you resolve this? Would you have resolved this differently?
  9. Tell me about a time you engaged in teamwork.
    Tip: Provide a concrete example of a situation where your team carried out a task. Explain how and why your team carried out the task. You may also explain what you learnt e.g. how to better deal with different personalities or people with different views or cultures, etc.
  10. Are you good under pressure? Tell me about a time where you handled pressure.
    Tip: Don’t discuss a time when you created the pressure either by delaying or acting irresponsibly. Discuss situations where you thrived under pressure and got the job done.
  11. Are you opposed to doing repetitive tasks as a Cashier? How do you intend to stay focused as a Cashier doing repetitive tasks at our store?
    Tip: Explain that you are NOT opposed to doing repetitive tasks because Cashier positions may require repetition in many occasions. As a suggestion, you may explain that you intend to stay focused by greeting customers, being friendly, and providing excellent customer service to them.
  12. If a customer asks for discount on a product, what will you do?
    Tip: As a suggestion, you may provide discounts if available. If discounts are not available, you may explain that you will propose other discounts that are available for other products. You may also state that you will consult with the supervisor or manager. Practice on many situational questions like this.
  13. Do you prefer to work alone or in a group?
    Tip: Explain that you can work both ways. For Cashier positions, explain that you can work very well in groups or as a team member with fellow co-workers to carry out multiple tasks at the store e.g. shelf stocking, product display, store clean up, etc. If you have previous experience illustrating the fact that you can work alone or with others, then offer it.
  14. What will you do in a situation where you have to work with a difficult or uncooperative customer?
    Tip: Demonstrate your ability to solve the problem or resolve the situation. Be very logical and use common sense. Practice on many situational questions like this because you could be asked any question during the interview.
  15. How comfortable are you checking IDs for the purchase of alcohol even if the customer looks to be over the drinking age limit (e.g. 21 years old)?
    Tip: State that you are comfortable checking for IDs. You may state that you will ask customer in a nice way that will not be offending.
  16. How will you handle a theft situation at our store?
  17. Please describe some of your cash handling experience?
    Tip: Review your previous jobs that enabled your exposure to money handling. If you have the experience, explain that you can even operate registers and credit card machines.
  18. Imagine you receive a $100 bill for a $30.27 purchase, how would you arrive at the change and hand it to the customer?
    Tip: Mathematical questions like this could be asked. Brush up on general math skills such as arithmetic, algebra, and basic word problems.
  19. Our products are currently on sale at half price. They sell for $20.50. How much will be 25%, 50%, or 75% off?
    Tip: Mathematical questions like this could be asked. Brush up on general math skills such as arithmetic, algebra, and basic word problems.
  20. How would you handle a customer’s question which you are uncertain of?
  21. How will you show great customer service?
    Tip: Describe pertinent duties such as greeting customers, asking them if they need help, resolving customer complaints, maintaining a positive and friendly attitude, processing payments accurately, proposing customer discounts and other opportunities, etc.
  22. Are you willing to follow our company’s guidelines even though they may differ from your current/past company?
    Tip: Explain that you are willing to comply. Explain that you are flexible and willing to cooperate with the company.
  23. How well did you get along with the management at your previous workplace?
    Tip: Explain that you got along perfectly. Do not explain any negative experiences or conflicts with previous management. State that you were cooperative and very professional.
  24. Tell me about a time you went above and beyond the call of duty to carry out a task.
  25. What will you do if an angry customer wants to return a product, but does not realize that there is a return cashier for that purpose?
    Tip: You may describe how composed you will be by calming the customer down or apologizing. You may explain that you will direct the customer to the return cashier.
  26. Sell me this product (e.g. pen, shoe, clothing, etc) *This question may be applicable to Cashier positions that also require sales duties.
    Tip: You may identify key features of the product/material and describe how these may benefit the customer. Don’t just list the features, but describe how they will benefit the customer. Display your ability to identify customer’s demands and sell.
  27. Which department in our store will you like to work for as a Cashier?
  28. Did you apply to Cashier positions at other stores?
    Tip: It is important not to discuss any offers from other stores, but if you name a few make sure you re-iterate how important it is for you to get the position at the store you are currently interviewing for.
  29. What are the key tasks for a Cashier?
    Tip: Suggestions – Processing sales for customers using cash registers and other equipments, resolve customer complaints, greeting customers, providing change for cash payments, calculating discounts, etc. Make sure you read the responsibilities for this job from your application and state these during the interview.
  30. Name 3 most important skills for a Cashier
  31. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
    Tip: Make sure you name strengths such as numerical skills and accuracy, attention to detail, ability to work independently and as a team, strong communication and listening skills, customer service skills, etc. Explain how you have taken steps to improve on your weaknesses.
  32. What are your future plans? Where do you see yourself in the next 5 to 10 years?
  33. What can you bring to us?
    Tip: Excellent customer service? Discuss how your skills can benefit or add value to the store/company.
  34. Why should we hire you?
    Tip: Basically sell yourself! Talk about your strengths, skills, personal traits and previous experiences and how this will be applicable to carry out the Cashier position effectively. Discuss how you can benefit the company/store by carrying out your duties at the store.
  35. Any questions?
    Tip: Make sure you ask a question. Ask questions that deeply demonstrate your interest in the company. Don’t ask questions that can be easily answered from the company website.

NOTE: These are very relevant questions that may help in the interview. Questions may be asked in a random fashion. Questions not included on this page may be asked during the interview.