provides you with interview preparation tips that would bring you up to speed with your upcoming interview.

Resume, Personal Statements/Essays

To prepare for your upcoming interview, make sure you read and be familiar with all the information provided in your resume, personal statements or essays. This is important because you want to make sure that your responses are consistent with the information provided in your resume, personal statement or essays. Be able to provide in-depth explanation on the experiences or accomplishments provided in your resume. Be aware of lapses or potential areas of weaknesses in your resume, be able to explain why you had these lapses, and provide steps you have taken to fix them. You should take additional copies of your resume or CV, cover letter, references, certificates, and other pertinent documents to the interview. Organize your documents in a professional portfolio.


Company/School/Program Research

It is important to research on the company/program/school you are interviewing for. Read on the mission and goals of the company or school. Learn about the company’s market, customers, history, culture, work environment, competitors, etc. For a graduate study interview you would want to know about the school’s academic focus, its curriculum, and how you fit with the school.


Interview Questions and Tips

Prepare for your interview by using provides you with a comprehensive list of questions and tips to excel at your interview. Go to Interview Questions + Tips to help prepare for possible interview questions and tips for your job or graduate study interview. Do not memorize your answers to interview questions, instead review your answers and understand the central idea of your answers and be able to discuss them. To give you more confidence going into the interview, it will be important to practice by doing a mock interview. You may ask someone who may have undergone the same or similar interview to help with this. When doing a mock interview, maintain good eye contact, sit upright and maintain good body posture, be enthusiastic and look confident.


Get directions

Be clear on the directions on where your interview is located. You may get directions by using Mapquest, google maps, etc. You should contact the company to know when your interview will start and where your interview will be located. You may have to know specifically which department or floor your interview would hold. You may ask the company for the contact name, phone number, and e-mail of the person you will ask for when you get to the company. It is important to get to your interview about 15 minutes early so that you have enough time to get settled before the interview. If you are unfamiliar with the interview location or area, it will be helpful to visit the company or interview location to be aware of the location, traffic conditions, travel time, etc. This would help prevent you from getting to the interview late.



For your interview, you want to look very professional and presentable. Know the dress code required for your interview. For most jobs and graduate study interviews, applicants usually dress formal by wearing a suit. Make sure your clothes are well pressed and your shoes are well polished. Do not wear clothes that are tight, wear clothes that fit you appropriately. Dress conservatively. Do not wear too much jewelry. Make sure your hair is neat and well kept. Look presentable.

Go to bed early and have a decent amount of sleep.

On the day of the interview, make sure you eat before the interview to give you enough energy. Do not eat anything heavy because it can make you sleepy. Eat lightly before the interview.

Take care of any other details needed for your interview. Look positive, think positive, and be positive. Good luck!