After an interview, you may collect business cards from the interviewer or employer to be able to contact them after the interview. You may also ask the interviewer about the best way to follow up or their preference for following up after the interview. If you are given a specific follow up preference e.g. e-mail, phone, letter, etc, you want to follow that specific preference.

Following up an interview by sending a thank you e-mail, note or letter is very important because it gives you an opportunity to thank the interviewer and re-iterate your interest in the job/company/program. Don’t only thank the interviewers, but thank everyone else involved in your application and interview process. This may include references, employment contacts, etc.

Send out the thank you letter, e-mail or note as soon as possible, preferably within 24 hours after the interview. Do not wait for 5 days, a week or more before sending the letter or e-mail.

Make sure the thank you letter or e-mail is short, simple and clear to the point.

Proofread the follow up e-mail, note, or letters to make sure you convey the message exactly as you meant and that it’s free of grammatical errors.

A basic outline of an interview follow up may constitute 3-4 paragraphs as seen below:

  •  In the first paragraph, you should thank the interviewer for meeting him/her and re-iterate your interest in the job or program.
  • In the second paragraph, you should talk about your skills or competencies, experiences and accomplishments and how these would add value to the company.
  • In the third paragraph, you may discuss certain interests or qualities you want to get across to the interviewer that were not discussed during the interview. This is your chance to answer questions that may not have had the best answers during the interview.
  • You may end by stating how rewarding of an experience it was to have the interview and meet the interviewer and company/organization; and that you look forward to hearing from them within the next two weeks, etc.


Sample follow-up e-mail can be seen below:


If you do not hear anything back from the company or organization, you should send a second follow up email requesting about the status of your application. In this e-mail, you should also demonstrate how enthused you are to be part of the company. Describe how you would benefit or add value to the company.

NOTE: The Follow-Up Letter, note, or e-mail may be modified to help fulfill your purpose.